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Accidental Fall, Broken Elbow, and Surgery, Oh My

It’s too bad that ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’ is already taken since it would be the perfect title for my memoir. Case in point: On Jan 14, 2024 I tripped at home and faceplanted on the hard stone terrazzo flooring, effectively shattering my left elbow. This is while I am still dealing with the Nov 2023 carpal tunnel surgery that went awry, leaving me with a still not-fully-healed right wrist. Dude, why?!?!

Not only am I in an ungodly amount of pain.

It gets worse.

The break is such that without surgery, I will never regain more than 50% of range of motion in my arm, as well as a host of immediate medical issues like bursitis and arthritis that will quickly affect my ability to write. Not to mention being able to do basic tasks like putting in my own bra and bathing myself.

I have insurance, but as is the case in the USA, my medical bills will be astronomical regardless. The first surgery copay comes in at over $5000! That’s more than I make in a year.

I’m about to become one of those Americans whose life is destroyed virtually overnight by medical expenses, because of one simple accident at home — a trip and fall that could happen to anyone.

If you have the means to support my GoFundMe, donors who contribute $100 or more get their name in the Much Ado About Keanu book acknowledgments. But I also understand that times are tough all around. If all you can do is share my campaign on social media, that’s often as effective as giving money yourself.

Thank you in advance for your support, Dear Reader. I appreciate you more than you will ever know.

Yours faithfully in Keanu,


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