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Frost Bites 2024: ‘La Chica de Nieve/The Snow Girl’ Is a Chilling Descent Into Misogyny

[Before I fell and fractured my elbow so badly I needed a titanium implant to fix it, I’d already written a bunch of microreviews for my #Horrorthon365 project. I’m just gonna go ahead and post them even though I’m not sure I’ll be able to see this project through the way I’d planned. And if you’re so inclined, you can contribute to my elbow reconstruction fundraiser here.]

On January 5, 2010 during the Cavalcade of the Three Magi in Malaga, Amaya Martin (Emma Sánchez) goes missing. Kidnapped. The event setting her family into a nightmare scenario that lasts for years of not knowing. That is, until the anniversary of Amaya’s kidnapping six years later when the police receive VHS tape that seems to show she’s still alive. But where is she? And who took her?

Set in Malaga, the Spanish crime drama ‘La Chica de Nieve/The Snow Girl’ doesn’t actually have snow in it. The snow in the title refers to what we used to call the fuzzy screen at the end of a home video VHS tape, space in which journalist Miren Rojas (Milena Smit) peels back layer upon terrible layer to uncover secrets within Amaya’s family and Miren’s own traumatic past to hunt the girl down. But as she does, Miren is forced to confront the worst evils committed by men against women, and underage girls.

The twists and turns in ‘La Chica de Nieve’ are dizzyingly awful, and even though it’s classified as a crime drama the themes here are in solid horror territory, including pedophile rings, dark web revenge porn sites, and even snuff films. It reminds me of Stieg Larsson’s ‘Milenium Trilogy’ in the best/worst ways, even though Miren is not quite as badass as Lisbeth Salander.

✨Dollhouse/5 stars. Highly recommend this miniseries that’s streaming on Netflix.✨

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