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‘Much Ado About Keanu: A Critical Reeves Theory’ Is Available for Preorder!

My magnum opus deep-dive into Keanu Reeves’ entire creative catalog has made another huge leap into the real world. ‘Much Ado About Keanu: A Critical Reeves Theory’ is now available for preorder online and at your favorite local bookstore. Hooray!

From my publisher, Chicago Review Press:

Thanks to his prolific movie career (seventy-eight movies as of 2023) and endearing real-life persona, Keanu Reeves has become the universal screen saver of pop culture—nobody can go a few days without some reference to Keanu or his movies popping up. But Reeves is much more than box office receipts and internet memes, and Much Ado About Keanu provides the deep dive into his art, identity, and ethnicity that this oft-misunderstood cultural icon deserves.

Despite the sometimes-mocking estimations of his acting skills—and his seven Razzie nominations—Keanu is one of the most thoughtful and talented performers of Generation X, and during his forty-year career he has made huge strides for Asian representation in spite of his identity often being whitewashed. Pop-culture sociologist and Reeves devotee Sezin Koehler explores all of this, presenting insightful essays that critically examine Reeves’s creative output from an interdisciplinary and intersectional perspective.

Those who code Reeves as white miss how his multiracial identity informs so many of his mainstream films, often subverting their most straightforward themes. Criticisms of his acting overlook the popularity and the reach of his work. Koehler’s essays challenge how audiences engage with Keanu’s movies, highlighting the importance of Keanu as a multitalented artist and trailblazer, not only for racial representation but for intersectional, queer, and feminist readings of cinema as well.

Much Ado About Keanu connects existing media studies around various themes in Reeves’s films—particularly Asian and Indigenous representation, gender studies, philosophy, technology, and sexuality studies—in a “critical Reeves theory” sure to engage not just fans but all of us who live in Keanu’s world.

Snag your copy on Amazon or anywhere you get your books online. Better yet, have your favorite local bookstore and/or library order a copy or two! I can’t wait for y’all to meet the book baby I’ve been working on for over three years.

Cheers to Keanu! And preorder your copy here.