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‘First Comes Marriage’ Deconstructs Harmful Stereotypes About Muslim Women

First Comes Marriage is an important memoir for deconstructing and demystifying one Muslim community’s traditions around marriage, love, and sex, all of which are important services in our current Islamophobic political climate.

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This White Woman’s “Protest Saris” Are Peak Appropriation

“When brown women wear saris, salwar kameez or hijab, they are told to ‘go home.’ But when a white woman does it, she’s celebrated. That’s appropriation.” For Wear Your Voice Magazine, May 2017.

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The Sociology Of Casual Sexual Encounters: Lisa Wade’s American Hookup

“What do the Industrial Revolution, the Roaring Twenties, the advent of the college fraternity, and the gay liberation movement have in common? According to sociologist Lisa Wade the link is the pervasive hookup culture that dominates the modern university experience in her fascinating new study examining the roots and realities of the phenomenon, American Hookup: The New Culture of Sex on Campus.” For Huffington Post Books, February 2017.

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The Complicated and Sometimes Racist History of Referring to South Asians as “East Indian”

“Ultimately, the term ‘East Indian’ is a remnant of archaic geopolitical Eurocentric positioning and shouldn’t be used at all in a modern context, unless you are talking about people from the eastern part of India. To use it in any other context is playing to Orientalist — and yes, racist — othering of not only people from India, but also Native American populations throughout North America who shouldn’t still be called ‘Indian’ at all.” For Wear Your Voice Mag, Jan 2017.