Podcast Appearances/Lectures

Certified Forgotten’s DON’T GO IN THE WOODS deep dive, endorsed by the slasher musical’s director Vincent D’Onofrio himself, February 2023.

Creators in COVID Episode 2: Replenishing the Well, December 2021.

University of Central Florida Ocala: Night of the Living Dead: On Film Criticism, Social Justice Horror, and Race Relations in AmericaApril 2021.

Dread Media Episode #696 (with guest Paula Ashe): Pascal Laugier’s Martyrs. December 2020.

Humanoids of the Deep Dive: Episode #1 Introduction, October 2020.

Dread Media Episode #603: All John Wick, All Keanu Reeves.

Is Child-free For Me?, Episode 10, October 2017.

Microphones of Madness discusses American Monsters Part 1 and Part 2, March 2017.

Dread Media, Episode 481, October 2016.

Microphones of Madness, September 2016: video version, audio version.

The Healing Power of Horror,” Pop Conscious, August 2015.

Guns, Part 2,” Follow Your Ears, January 2013.


“Tattoo artists call out racism, discrimination in industry across US.” Christine Fernando, USA Today, June 2021.

Laura’s Ghost: Women Speak about Twin Peaks, Courtenay Stallings, Lafayette Mafia Press, October 2020.

Where are all the fat Asians?” Medium, May 2019.

Personal Essays for Peanuts: Are Feminist Sites Exploiting Their Contributors?,” Medium, June 2018.

Iconoclasm Interview Series Subject #6: Sezin Koehler, Performance Artist, Author, Mermaid,” Medium, June 2018.

7 Plus-Size Asian Bloggers Talk About Representation,” Ravishly, May 2018.

Why host an engagement party? The real celebration already happened on social media.” Washington Post, March 2018.

14 Things to Know if You Love a Highly Sensitive Person,” Huffington Post, March 2018.

“We Asked Couples Why They Chose Not to Have Kids,” Pooja Makhijani,Vice, March 2017.

To Live and Write in Florida,” Cozy in Miami, June 2017.

We Asked Couples Why They Chose Not To Have Kids,” VICE, March, 2017.

The 3rd Human – Sezin Koehler of Lighthouse Point Florida,” Kristen Hovet’s Humans of Earth series, November 2016.

Little Sex Ed, Stereotypes Could Lead to Health Risks, Family Planning Issues,” NBC News Asian America, June 2016.

Author Interview, The Gr1nd, March 2016.

TCK Talent, The Displaced Nation, January 2016.

Whose ‘blurred lines’?” Al Jazeera’s The Stream, September 2013

Television Appearances

The rise of dystopian art,” Al Jazeera’s The Stream, February 2017.

Childfree by choice,” Al Jazeera’s The Stream, October 2015.

Cultural chameleons,” Al Jazeera’s The Stream, June 2013.

Other Press

My first embedded Tweet quote on queer themes in The White Lotus 2Queerty, November 2022.

At the Lonely Crossroads of Horror and the American CenturyLitHub, October 2022.

“Orphan: First Kill” horror homages, from the ribbon around the neck to that knowing birdSalon, August 2022.

“Flash fiction horoscopes,” Asian American Writers’ Workshop, February 2022.

Whores Talk Horror Podcast: Courtenay Stalling’s Laura’s Ghost, April 2021.

“Wrapped in Plastic: On Courtenay Stalling’s ‘Laura’s Ghost,'” LA Review of Books, October 2020.

“Every Friday the 13th film ranked, according to critics,” CBR, October 2020.

“Bryan Cranston is The Shining’s Creepy New Twins in Mountain Dew Ad,” TV Overmind, February 2020.

Great Writers Who Explore Feminism and Gender Theory,” EzvidWiki, January 2020.

Sexuality in Westworld,” Brush Mountain Media, 2019.

How Jury Duty Can Re-Traumatize Survivors and What To Know,” Bustle, November 2019.

Wayne Blair’s ‘Top End Wedding’ Wows the Critics at Sundance,” 2019.

How this Sundance film seeks to ‘fuel outrage’ about how people with mental illness are treated,” Deseret News, February 2019.

“Unsightly and Unspeakable: Naido the Subaltern in Twin Peaks Season 3,” Inciting Sparks, February 2018.

Inspiration from Zuzu,” Marian Allen, Author Lady, July 2017.

La Crescenta’s old asylum for women to become park and boutique shops,” Curbed Los Angeles, November, 2016.

Sexist Jokes From Men’s Magazines Are Indistinguishable From Quotes By Convicted Rapists, Study Finds, Showing Just How Messed Up The Way We Talk About Women Is,” Bustle, October 2016.

7 Things People With PTSD Want You to Know,” Huffington Post Lifestyle UK, October 2016.

The Prettiest Abandoned Asylum Ever,” Miss Havisham’s Curiosities, February 2016.

More Than Half of American Women are Childless, New Study Finds,” EmpowHER, April 2015.

Halloween Pop Culture,” Rants to Revelations, October, 2014.

To hate Robin Thicke you have to know Robin Thicke,” Vox Magazine, September 2014.

Is HBO’s Female Nudity Contributing to a Bigger Problem?” TV Guide Magazine, July 2014.

Is Robin Laying It on Too Thicke?” Ebony Magazine, June 2014.

Robin Thicke’s video: Further evidence that we’re romancing the stalker-esque?” The Guardian, June 2014.

Blurred Lines: the most controversial song of the decade,” The Guardian, November 2013.

‘Blurred Lines’ and Rape Culture,” The Sociological Cinema, October 2013.

This Month in Sociological Images,” The Society Pages, September 2013.

Yikes: ‘Blurred Lines’ Lyrics Aren’t So Catchy When Rapists Read Them,” Jezebel, September 2013.

‘Blurred Lines’ Remix Feat. Actual Rapists Words,” Feministing, September 2013.

How Do the ‘Blurred Lines’ Lyrics Stack Up With the Words of Rapists?” xoJane, September 2013.

Two Universities In The United Kingdom Ban ‘Blurred Lines’ For Promoting Rape Culture,” Think Progress, September 2013.

27 Survivors Of Sexual Assault Quoting The People Who Attacked Them,” BuzzFeed, September 2013.

Blurred Lines debate: Drawing a line under Thicke’s lyrics,” The Independent, September 2016.

Rape victims quote their attackers. Words scarily similar to Blurred Lines,’ Mama Mia!, September 2013.

Thickes hit “Blurred lines” fortsätter få kritik,” Sverige Radio, September 2013.

She’s not your mom, she’s white,” The Race Card Project, 2012.

As Sezin Rajandran

Debate Continues Over Articles in the Draft Declaration,” Cultural Survival, September 2005.

Secretary-General’s Representative on Internally Displaced Persons addresses Commission,” Relief Web, April 2005.


Homage to a Life Cut Short,” LA Times, May 2001.