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The Women of “Twin Peaks,” From the Trickster to the Shapeshifter

“In honor of Women’s History Month as well as the upcoming Twin Peaks revival, here are some alternate readings of the female denizens of that strangely frightening little mountain town. Many of these archetypes apply to multiple women at different times in the series. I’ve chosen the one for each that is most representative of her overall journey.” For Wear Your Voice Magazine, March 2017.

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Trans Folks Will Finally Be Counted in Pakistan, But Other Rights Lag

“The Lahore High Court of Pakistan took a major step in defense of transgender rights in January by including the transgender community in the March 2017 population census.

The Pakistani government has officially recognized a third gender since 2009 — a move that granted basic civil rights, such as the ability to identify as trans on official documents. However, the trans community was disenfranchised until 2012, when the Supreme Court of Pakistan declared equal rights for transgender individuals, including the right to vote as a third-gender person, as well as the right to inheritances. Before that, only males and females were permitted to vote, even though a third gender was officially recognized. By 2013, transgender Pakistanis were running for government office.” For Wear Your Voice Mag, February 2017.