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Frost Bites 2024: ‘The Organ Trail’ Displays the Brutalities of Settler Colonization in 1870s Montana

If you think ‘Organ Trail’ is going to be even a little funny because of the clever title referring to the old school GenX computer game, please reconsider watching this one.

Grinchmas 2023 · Horror · Horrorthon365 · Microreview · Television · White Devilry

Grinchmas 2023: HBO’s ‘Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God’ Documentary Features an Old College Friend, and it’s as Surreal as You Might Imagine

Delusion and narcissism collide with capitalism and a majorly suspicious death. A case of real-life white devilry.

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‘Maleficent’ Is an Allegory for the Long-Term Effects of Sexual Assault, a Devastatingly Effective Tool of Colonizer Violence

Stefan seizing Maleficent's wings is a metaphor for sexual assault, and its context of attempted land takeover only heightens the comparison.