Reality, Prague Style

Reality for sale! Come get your reality! 2 bedrooms, one kitchen! Reality for sale or rent!

No joke: The biggest grammar error I’ve ever seen in my life is the fact that in Prague, all of the realty offices actually say “reality” instead. Maxima Reality, Prague Reality, European Reality Services, Atrium Reality, Albion Reality, and on and on. Isn’t that hilarious? I mean, how on Earth did the one error get so far as to get on every single real estate office title?
That said, it would indeed be fantastic if the names weren’t misnomers and they actually had reality for sale. It would be like the Existential Detectives featured in I Heart Huckabees, who I would so hire in a snap if they existed.Now that I’m thinking about it, maybe someone should open a Reality Office: A place where people can go to get a dose of the real and come away more grounded. You can show them videos of things going on all over the world, not just bad stuff but real stuff. You could go through their problems and blockages and help them get back to reality.

How would one go about getting a trade licence to sell reality? Would an Anthropology degree suffice as credentials? What kind of programs could be offered? Would astrology and cards and other bruja things be effective or would that move away from the reality for sale? I imagine the office would be all earthy tones, Pueblo style with turquoise accents and it would smell like amber. Detoxifying products would be offered, fresh juices, healthy snacks. The staff would consist of people who aren’t afraid to tell it like it is and the customers would leave with a heightened sense of purpose. Hmmm. Food for unemployed thought.