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ThanksKilling 2023: ‘Kristy’ Is a Thanksgiving Slaughter, Just Like the Original Whitewashed Events

The promoted Thanksgiving narrative is that European settler colonists peacefully coexisted with the Indigenous groups once they landed on the east coast, whether in Plymouth, Massachusetts in 1621 or St Augustine, Florida over a hundred years earlier. But the opposite is true. These arrivals were heralded by mass murder and other violence by the unwelcome settlers, and it often came with a religious subtext as well as an ethnic supremacy bent.

And in Olly Blackburn’s Thanksgiving horror ‘Kristy’ (2014), we see many echoes of the religious violence that built the USA, with some key twists. Like, a cult of disparate serial killers mobilized online who target young women they label “Kristy,” or “followers of Christ,” for their perceived innocence and beauty. “Kill Kristy, kill God,” their tagline reads.

They find the perfect next victim in Justine (Haley Bennett), a scholarship student who couldn’t afford to travel home during Thanksgiving break and is the only student on her remote private college campus. But Justine is not so innocent. Or weak. As she gives her attackers the fight for their own lives on the sprawling university grounds. It’s certainly to her advantage she knows the space extremely well, from her regular runs, swims, and work-study.

I’m really super glad this movie didn’t exist on the long weekends I was alone on my own college campus in LA back in 1997 and 1998. Because I never would have stayed.

✨Red vines/5 stars. Highly recommend not joining bizarre internet murder cults.✨

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