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Grinchmas 2023: ‘Silent Night’ (2021) Takes Christmas Get-Together Disasters to an Apocalyptic Level

Welcome to the inaugural post of my Grinchmas Nights of Frights 2023 extravaganza. Like my October Halloweenathon and ThanksKilling Terrors in November, I’ll be microreviewing an eclectic assortment of horror films that jive with the holiday season in both direct and oblique ways. Find the entire archive here.

It’s the end of the world as they know it, and in typical British fashion everyone is pretending they feel fine as a group of old boarding schoolmates meet at Nell’s (Keira Knightley) family estate for Christmas weekend. She has the usual gripes and annoyances as her kids are more nuisances than help, and you could almost say the same about her husband Simon (Matthew Goode). We meet their various friends on their respective drives to the manor, revealing the first inklings of tension and borderline mania that would seem normal under usual Christmas circumstances. But here? Turns out, Russia has launched chemical weapons against the UK and this will in fact be their last celebration together. And ever. All documented and housed citizens were given a suicide pill to avoid the gruesome death on the way, and all of Nell’s friends have decided to go at the same time under the same roof. With their children.

It’s grim as fuck. And a great way to kick off these Navidad nightmares I’ll be curating for the month of December.

Is the chemical warfare real? Are the effects as devastating as the news stations promised? ‘Silent Night’ answers all these questions with an ending that will haunt you long after the holiday season is wrapped, pun intended.

✨Sticky toffee pudding/5 stars. Highly recommend having a circle of close friends to end the world with.✨

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