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Grinchmas 2023: ‘I Trapped the Devil’ (2019) Is a Creepy Indie Christmas Horror

It’s been two years since Matt (AJ Bowen) has been to his family’s house to see his brother Steve (Scott Poythress). Since it’s Christmas, Matt and his wife Karen (Susan Burke) decide to pop in, to find the home fully decorated for the holidays, but they are decidedly not welcome. The longer they stay, the clearer it is that Steve isn’t well. And he eventually reveals he has a man locked in the basement. A man he is convinced is the actual devil in human form.

“Evil is what hurts you the most,” Steve says before this already dark tale takes more fatal turns.

With an ominous score and atmospheric lighting punctuated by the bright Christmas decorations, I Trapped the Devil is a journey into the heart of madness. Or is it?

✨3/5 stars. The pacing is a smidge slow so recommended for genre fans looking for actual holiday-themed quick watches.✨

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