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My Supernatural Fetish

emailFacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditBufferLinkedinAt the moment I have a totally healthy obsession with the Sookie Stackhouse mysteries by Charlaine Harris, the novels that have become the HBO phenomenon known as “True Blood.” I say my obsession is healthy because it’s my staple obsession, going back to childhood: My absolute and utter fascination and love of the supernatural. Monsters,… Continue reading My Supernatural Fetish

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‘Til Kingdom Come

emailFacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditBufferLinkedinI read my first Stephen King novel when I was 12 years old. The book was Carrie and the year was that of the Gulf War I, 1992. Thus began a love affair with King’s books that has continued to shape my life until today. This year I turned 30 and I’m even more in… Continue reading ‘Til Kingdom Come

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A Love Letter to The Stand

emailFacebookTwitterPinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditBufferLinkedinWritten on a postcard with a biohazard stamp, encased in plastic: The wheel of ka never stops turning, And I roll with it. Where a stamp could go but there’s nobody to read it: Mother Abagail’s farm June 14, 2009 The apocalypse is nigh, All I can do is smile.