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“Stranger Things 2” is a Working Example of Allyship

“In spite of this being a terrifying monster story and a cautionary tale about messing with the very fabric of our time and space, Stranger Things 2 was far more life-affirming and by the end worlds less bleak than its predecessor.” For Wear Your Voice Mag, November 2017.

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The Revived Global Gag Rule is Already Endangering Lives in India

“The results of the Global Gag Rule would be disastrous for thousands of women in India, not to mention how it affects India’s sovereignty, since abortion is a women’s right there.” For Wear Your Voice Magazine, May 2017.

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13 Reasons Why “13 Reasons Why” is Dangerously Problematic

“It was supposed to be a show to get people talking about teen suicide, bullying, sexual assault and more. It was supposed to open and encourage dialogue between generations and demystify how insidious cyber- and other kinds of bullying can be in the age of social media. ’13 Reasons Why’ had many ambitious goals. Here are 13 reasons why it fails at every single one of them.” For Wear Your Voice Mag, April 2017.

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“Big Little Lies” Takes On an Unspeakable Taboo: Mothers Who Regret Motherhood

“Before Big Little Lies, how many other films and television shows have portrayed women who regret becoming mothers? We’ll wait.” For Wear Your Voice Magazine, March 2017.