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The Revived Global Gag Rule is Already Endangering Lives in India

“The results of the Global Gag Rule would be disastrous for thousands of women in India, not to mention how it affects India’s sovereignty, since abortion is a women’s right there.” For Wear Your Voice Magazine, May 2017.

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America Down the Rabbit Hole and Through the Looking Glass

“I never would have imagined the airplane that repatriated me to the United States in 2011 — after a decade in Europe — would end up being a less-benign alternate portal down into Alice’s rabbit hole where the impossible is possible and the absurd becomes reality.” My 19th article for HuffPost, published in December 2015.

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The Gateway Fundamentalism of Kim Davis and Her Supporters

“If we’re so quick to respond to stamping out religious fundamentalism and extremism in the rest of the world, then why aren’t we doing the same here at home?” My 16th article for HuffPost, published in October 2015.