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A New Woman

Most people after they move into a new flat and area will explore and wander around to get their bearings. What did I do? I went and got tattooed. Twice. It was a bit nervewracking, going to get inked on a public transportation system I have but a fragile grasp of. But I did it and I feel like a whole new person now. The tattoos look fantastic and even though they were not tattoos I ever imagined myself having (a big star on each shoulder), yet now that I have them I feel like they’ve always been there. I love them. Not to mention my new tattoo buddy, Vlado, who is is the first tattoo artist I’ve met in a really long time who is very patient and actually seems to care about what the person he’s tattooing wants. Oddly enough, the tattoo on my left shoulder had to be tattooed twice in Spain, the first time the dickhead fucked it up, so pain above pains I had to get it redone, and then Vlado had to do it once again because it still wasn’t right. So much pain. I almost fainted after he was done touching it up two days ago. Funnily, though, when Vlado did the right shoulder yesterday I almost fell asleep while he was inking me, all the while with death metal music playing! Strangeness. I can only think that the first guy who tattooed my left shoulder seriously messed it up, accounting for the subsequent fainting pains every time it’s been worked on since. But now, it’s healing for the (hopefully) last time and the matching star rocks my world. Steve says I’m his little rock star.

And in other matters, I am finding Prague an extremely interesting place. For example, if I were to have worn a tank top and walked down the street in Istanbul or even southern Spain, I would have been molested, jeered at, catcalled and generally harassed until I was out of sight. Not in Prague, and what a relief. I don’t feel like leaving the house is a daily battle of my will against large groups of men. I forgot what it feels like to be in a place with some measure of civilized behaviour towards women. I feel so much more relaxed than I have in years. I can wear what I want and feel comfortable. Wonderful! It’s amazing how such a small thing can make such an enormous difference.

Since we found our gorgeous apartment, things have been so great here. We have a magnificent view of not only the botanical gardens, but a castle and a gorgeous gothic church. Magnificent. It’s like watching a painting, living and breathing all day long. Fairies from the botanical gardens keep flying in through our window! Gorgeous. The tram stops almost literally at our doorstep and we have a whole host of visitors who will be passing through our beautiful house in the next months. This move was the best thing Steve and I have done since getting married.

Marvelous. Spectacular. Life is wonderful, divine, blessed.

Wish you were here. Come visit soon!