Come Together

When I was first covering the human rights meetings in Geneva in 2004, long before I knew about this thing called a “weblog,” I was posting reports about the UN sessions through FreeWebs and handing out business cards with the site address to build readers. In 2005 I retained the rights to, but continued hosting my actual content through FreeWebs. Over the years my variety of sites grew and grew and yet were still hosted on FreeWebs, Blogger, and other free hosting sites. Since I had reports dating back to 2004 I left things as they were because I didn’t want to lose all that work, nor go through all the tedium of figuring out how to get it all in one place.

I am very pleased to announce that for the first time in five years all of my writings are now contained in one place, HERE!, en toto (with the exception of my book American Monsters and my collection of short stories, The Relic Weaver, awaiting publication). Yeah! What a feat!

I’m looking forward to blogging like normal people and having everything easily accessible and organised by the category cloud you see on the right. For the moment the layout is pretty simple, but I plan to get something more personalised through a fabulous web designer I’ve been working with. Do check back often to see what she comes up with and what I’m writing away at.

I can’t tell you how good it feels to know that the days of ghetto links to cheesy sites and my content scattered all over the Web are over. Like my worldly possessions here in our lovely Prague flat, everything has finally come together and in one place. I am officially a grown up. Now, the next thing to do is buy some property. 🙂

Enjoy your browsing!