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Misogyny Lives


I am stunned beyond belief at all the support being offered Roman Polanski, convicted child raper and jail dodger, after his long overdue  arrest in Zurich last week. What kind of world do we live in that just because a person is a celebrity and a holocaust survivor he is somehow seen as being exempt from the law? Ah yes, the reason is because we live in a world that does not support the protection and promotion of human rights for women. Dogs, yes. Men, yes. Women and girls, not so much.

Michael Vick went to prison for abusing dogs and masterminding illegal gambling rings. Let’s be honest: Nobody really gave a rat’s ass about the gambling, what peeved the public were the images of all the abused puppies and the stories of how the dogs were murdered when they were no longer able to fight.

On the flip side, hip-hop star Chris Brown beat the crap out of his girlfriend and what did he get? Prolonged community service. No jail time, no nothing. So what does this actually tell the greater public? That if you abuse dogs and gamble you’ll go to jail, but if you abuse your woman, well, pretty much nothing happens.

Polanski’s supporters are saying (among a bunch of other nonsense) that the courts need to free him because his victim forgave him. Okay, so, on the basis of that logic does that mean all the priests who were convicted of sodomising little boys get to go free too if the children forgive them? I think not. Is this saying that a little boy’s life is more valuable than a little girl’s? I think yes. Not to mention the fact that not only was Pervert Polanski’s victim vaginally raped, she was also anally raped, and drugged. Wow.

We are a sick society when celebrities like Sam Mendes, Jeremy Irons, Milan Kundera, Natalie Portman, Woody Allen (no surprise from the man who fucked his daughter), Martin Scorsese, David Lynch, Wes Anderson, Pedro Almodovar and others have signed a Free Polanski petition? Have we lost our minds?

Oh wait, it’s just a friendly little reminder of how misogyny lives on. A woman’s, a girl’s life is simply not as valuable as a man’s, a male celebrity’s, or even a dog’s. Thanks for that kick in the crotch, Misogyny; I’d almost forgotten about you.

2 thoughts on “Misogyny Lives

  1. What really got to me is how great numbers of young girls and women defended Chris Brown publicly on sites like Twitter and actually attacked those who called him out as an abuser. Girls were tweeting things like: “Chris Brown can beat me all day.” and some such. CrazySad.

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