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Friend and Foe

Chapter 6: The Secret Life of Stone

I miss the days when on me the birds would roost,
The smell of their feathers, the warmth of their poop.
Esmeralda, my love, to where have you flown?
I miss you, Turtle Dove, oh won’t you come home?


Flying rats, you crap sacks,
I wish you’d come back:
Impale you I would on these new metal shanks.
To feel your blood drip would be a joy most divine
Even better than the last time I had wine.

©2010 Sezin Koehler, photo by Zuzu Arbus.

The Secret Life of Stone is a photography series that explores the wishes, hopes and memories of Prague’s statues as well as imaginary histories of Prague. The series is also related to the upcoming third installment to Sezin’s first novel, American Monsters.

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