Prague · The Secret Life of Stone · Women · Zuzu Arbus

Three Kings

Chapter 8: The Secret Life of Stone

Once upon a time there lived Three Kings
Brothers they were, pre-disposed to extra-marital flings.
Decided, they did, to toy with a servant girl:
Each of their own right set her a’whirl.
Gifts of chocolate, jewels and fine wine,
Then out of the blue, just like that!, she was fired.
Brokenhearted and furious, a spell she decided to cast:
For three days and three nights she toiled a ceremonial fast.
“Punish the Kings!” was her wish and command.
The Universe obeyed and into trees the Kings were remanded.
There they stand until today – the lesson remains
Mess with a witch and you will pay.

©2011 Sezin Koehler, photo by Zuzu Arbus.

The Secret Life of Stone is a photography series that explores the wishes, hopes and memories of Prague’s statues as well as imaginary histories of Prague. The series is also related to the upcoming third installment to Sezin’s first novel, American Monsters.


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