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The Forgotten Boneyard

Chapter 11: The Secret Life of Stone

The dead rest uneasy in this forgotten boneyard,
Out from their graves at night they crawl,
The absence of memory does not sit well –
To the land of the living they return for a spell.
In the moonlit gloaming out they crawl
Return they must before the break of dawn.
If this curfew they miss then doomed they will be
Cursed to wander forever the lonely halls of Purgatory.

©Sezin Koehler, photo by Zuzu Arbus

The Secret Life of Stone is a photography series that explores the wishes, hopes and memories of Prague’s statues as well as imaginary histories of Prague. The series is also related to the upcoming third installment to Sezin’s first novel, American Monsters.

2 thoughts on “The Forgotten Boneyard

  1. Sezin, those are some pretty heavy words, and it literally sound like you have cast some spell. Well, if it is a spell, may it be something that is good for all.

    1. Tanisha, wow, thank you! I have been told I have witchy ways. If you’re interested, I’ll be picking up this Secret Life Of Stone series again in the fall when I start working on the novel they accompany. Come back and check it out then!

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