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ThanksKilling 2023: ‘The Uninvited’ Is White Women Devilry With Surprising Twists

Since the original “thanksgiving” is all about uninvited settler colonizers, The Guard Brothers’ ‘The Uninvited’ (2008) is an appropriate addition to my ThanksKilling Terrors list. ‘The Uninvited’ features Elizabeth Banks as Rachel, a wily hospice nurse with designs to replace her recently deceased patient as mistress of the swanky lakeside home of bestselling author Steven (David Straithairn). That is, until Steven’s daughters Alex (Arielle Kebbel) and Anna (Emily Browning) begin plotting to oust her after Anna’s return from a stint in a psychiatric ward. The first step, proving that Rachel had something to do with the boathouse fire that killed their beloved mother.

But Rachel won’t give up her newfound role as fiancée up so easily, as the sisters begin unraveling who their wicked soon-to-be stepmother really is. All the while the ghost of Anna and Alex’s mother continues visiting Anna with warning upon warning that she might be next to die.

Elizabeth Banks is fantastic — and terrifying — as the villain in this ubercreepy family drama that’s much more than what it appears to be on the surface. And the layers of white women devilry goes deep into pure psychopath territory. The ending is a jaw-dropper. Really shocked the hell out of me. Which is hard to do. No idea how I missed this one when it first came out and now I can’t stop thinking about it.

✨Watering can/5 stars. Highly, very much, absolutely recommend.✨

P.S. For a quick primer on the concept of white devilry, here you go.

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