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LOST in symbolism

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditThe Season 6 finale of “LOST” featured a gargantuan statue of the Egyptian crocodile-headed god Sobek. Being fascinated not only with “LOST” but also Egyptian mythology (I even took a how-to-read-hieroglyphics course a few years back) I figured it must mean something. *Builds a mountain out of mashed potatoes* Sobek was worshipped in ancient Egyptian… Read full post.

A Love Letter to Pfaff the Pfooter

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditWritten on a postcard of your Fairy Challenger oracle card, #56: “Plant your feet,Bend your knees,Sway with the bumps and lurches of life.” Where a stamp shaped like a hole in my sock could go:PragueJanuary 23, 2008So basically you’re saying that I should go through life with the same principle as standing on a tram:… Read full post.

A Love Letter to Bad Fairies

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditWritten on a Brian Froud-esque postcard of the eerie park at Karlovo Namesti: Even whenyou are badyou are goodto me. Where a mushroom-shaped stamp could go it says:Prague 2, Nove MestoNovember 5, 2008I realised that in Prague there is a huge difference between places with bad energy and places with bad fairies. I’m lucky enough… Read full post.

A Love Letter to Bavian Frodi

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditWritten on a postcard of your Faery Oracle card Number 38, Laiste the Moon’s Daughter: Your visionsare a bridgeinto a world I alwayswanted to visitand now realiseis all aound me. Where I’ve no need for a stamp because surely a nice faery will deliver it for me:October 23, 2008PragueThere aren’t enough words to thank you… Read full post.


emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditThey say that the things we have lost will never be returned to us, but I’m not sure if that’s entirely true. Yes, what is gone cannot itself return but I think aspects of what we have lost come back in many familiar forms. Take my Spirit Guide, Cubby, the wolf-dog who was my companion… Read full post.

In A Glass Darkly, by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu, 1872

emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditIn A Glass Darkly is known as one of “the classics of occult fiction” and one of the first novels that portrays strange occurrences from an observer’s detached perspective. When I was researching horror for my novel Terata Americana of the Raving Variety, I read numerous references to this novel, which is actually a collection… Read full post.



emailFacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestTumblrStumbleUponDiggRedditdo you ever get the feeling that you are meant for something more? not just something more, but something great? something amazing, something extraordinary. a feeling that is more than just a feeling or a hunch; something deep down into the dark core of you that tells you that you are special. that you are… Read full post.