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Willy Wonka Pasta

This dish combines two of my favorite ingredients, chocolate and chili, to make a scrumptious twist on the traditional Mexican sweet and spicy dish, molè.

You will need:
Red chili paste or Chinese sambal olek
Chocolate spread, like Nutella or any such product
Bacon cut in thick chunks
Chinese Egg Noodles
A small bag of peanuts

To Prepare:

*Note on spiciness – you will have to use your judgement on how much spiciness you can handle as well as test out the chili paste you’ve purchased. They are all different hotnesses and you also need to keep in mind that the chocolate will allay much of the spiciness too.

Prepare the noodles and set aside after covering with a thin layer of olive oil and giving the noodles a stir. Fry the bacon in its own juices and mix in the red chili paste. Add the noodles to the bacon in the pan and continue to fry both until the bacon and chili concoction is well dispersed throughout the noodles. Then begin to add the chocolate sauce until the noodles are covered and are evenly brown. You will have to find your own balance of chili paste and chocolate sauce to taste. Remove from flame when the noodles are beginning to stick to the bottom of the pan and stir in the peanuts.

Do not serve when piping hot, give the dish a little time to cool down and can also be served as a very interesting and different kind of sweet/savoury dessert. Makes a fantastically different sweet and sour dish that even the most wary of tasters has found deliciously different.