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Transitions Abroad Essay Competition Winner

Dear Readers,

Just a quick note to let you know that the essay I wrote about life in Prague as an expat placed as a runner-up winner in the Transitions Abroad essay competition. The article, Living in Prague as an Expat: The Times They Are a-Changin’, will be on their website for the next year. Yeah!

Please do let me know what you think here at, since Transitions Abroad doesn’t allow comments on their website itself.



7 thoughts on “Transitions Abroad Essay Competition Winner

  1. Hi Sezin,
    Wonderful post! I felt a chill reading about the cold, when we were there last in Prague, we had a similar reaction, and that was only in November! You give some excellent advice to people playing with the idea to go and stay for a while. Generous of you to share and prevent pitfalls.
    The Food! The food and lack of variety was a big issue the first times I visited/ worked in Prague. I’d order a Greek salad and get lettuce with cukes, that was it. “Where’s the rest?” I’d ask the waiter, “Don’t have it,” he’d say. Ha! You mention the wonderful public transportation, I well remember the trams that would take me to my favorite “milk house” where I’d gorge on miniature cakes, in 1980 I considered that the very best food to be had in all of Prague except for the classiest restaurants that seemed to be supplied with more than the average Joe and Jane could lay their hands on.
    Prague of today a Milan Kundera pop-up book? I’ll buy that! Thanks for the memories, and thanks for the new links.
    ♥ Judith

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting, Judith! Every so often we still find places that seem quite behind the times in terms of food, but now that we’re regulars at some great places those embarrassing episodes are few and far between. Do you remember the name of your “milk house”? Maybe it’s still here and I can take a picture of it for you. 🙂

  2. Hey sweetie, this was a really good article. Great photos. I have also posted it on my page. Congrats, love, mummy

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