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Intimate Strangers

Intimate Strangers

The incredible, magical Vysehrad, taken from my apartment window.
The incredible, magical Vysehrad, taken from my apartment window.


On Sunday February 28, the sun was peering over the horizon as I woke, I drank a cup of coffee, nibbled on some leftover prawn vindaloo and got on the phone with nine virtual strangers to talk about hybrid identities and location. Dialogue 2010 was the first of its kind, curated by artist Rose Deniz and hosted by expat+HAREM’s Anastasia Ashman, brought together 10 women scattered all over the globe to talk in real time about issues we often discuss in our blogs, on Twitter and within the expat+HAREM.

Though I am not a morning person in the least, once we started talking and sharing details of our lives and identities, I was jolted awake. In my hybrid life I’ve struggled to leave behind an idea of a physical home, a house with a picket fence signifying permanence. However, I felt right at home with those nine women, sisters in hybridity and creativity.

Since Sunday I’ve had an Indigo Girls song stuck in my head. The line that’s been on repeat sings, “I have no need for anger with intimate strangers and I’ve got nothing to hide.” When I looked up the song I chuckled to see the title is “Reunion“. Synchronicity, pure and simple.

The ten of us were on the phone for an hour and a half, revealing personal details about how we feel about our lives, how being an expat has shaped us, how creativity focuses our spirits, how our identities have been shaped by the myriad forces around us. When I told my husband about all the things we discussed, openly, he was incredulous: “But you’ve never actually met any of these people?!” Maybe not, but I know them. I understand them, maybe more so than some people I’ve known my whole life.

Dialogue 2010 was a meeting of kindreds, as women, as hybrids, as artists, as dreamers, believers. During our talk I received definitive proof that you can deeply connect with people via the Internet. You can indeed share your soul and see another’s soul shining back.

Rose said, our conversation across time zones and this quaking planet “defied boundaries”. After I hung up the phone, I was overcome with a feeling that something magical had taken place: We had forged the first links of a lasting bond.

I looked out my window, grinning like an idiot, sipping my coffee, nibbling on my prawn vindaloo. I went back to sleep and had a most vivid dream in which our amazing conversation continued. I woke up with a huge smile on my face and heart, looking forward to our next encounter.

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